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Ah, Art! Without you, the Earth would just be Eh. Arts, Design & Architecture is the discipline made for dreamers and idealists, encompassing fields like:

Art History
Theatre and Dance
Film and Media

Although the majority of people imagine the artist as that one sad person with a beret, carrying an easel and canvas to sit by the mountainside. Arts, Design & Architecture is a degree programme that requires quirkiness and imagination, but that doesnt mean its easy. Even the most creative artists need self-discipline and some strong communication skills to get through the door of a top design company or art gallery all of which could be gained in a Masters or Bachelors degree in Art. Combining theoretical notions with practice and a personal flair, students who follow Bachelors or Masters degrees in such fields will need to find their own style and spend hours in a studio, all the while deciding if they want to freelance or find a job within the industries of their choice:

Art Industry
Design Industry
Architectural Services
Music Industry
Textile Industry

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Suggested Short Courses in Arts, Design & Architecture

Certificate Fashion Design - Creating a Collection

The Fashion Design - Creating a Collection course is offered at Istanbul Aydin Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University. Fashion as a medium communicates our personal and cultural ideals. Come participate in the dialog! If you are a fashion student or are interested in fashion and would like to express your ideas, join this class where you will create a portfolio-ready presentation of your designs.

Advanced Diploma Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration

This Diploma of Interior Design and Decoration from Open Colleges could be the first exciting step towards developing your career as an interior designer and decorator. By enrolling in this course youll be starting a journey of discovery where you find out exactly what youre capable of in a design context. The more work you put into it; the more youll get out of it.

Certificate Certificate in Digital Photography

This comprehensive online Certificate in Digital Photography has been developed in consultation with industry experts, and is delivered by Australias leader in online education, Open Colleges.