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Environmental management deals with the regulation process and protection of the health of our planet, by promoting human behaviours that make a positive impact on the natural environment. Professionals in the field investigate problems, develop solutions, and work in teams to address various types of environmental crises throughout the world. Environmental management addresses hot topic issues such as global warming, pollution, deforestation, soil erosion, landfills, or depletion of Earth's natural resources.

Environmental management study programmes are usually offered at the postgraduate level, but courses at undergraduate level deal with concepts related to this discipline, including Bachelors (B.A. and B.Sc.) in resource management, geography, environmental science, and more. Programme curriculums focus on the relationships between science, management, and policy, while providing scientific understanding of ecological and social systems, applicable in a management or policy-making context.

Students of environmental management learn how to assess, manage and monitor the environmental effects of organisations, participate in multidisciplinary project work, as well as develop critical thinking, problem solving and research skills. Most programmes include practical experience through fieldwork and project-oriented group-work, dealing with common real-life issues.

Employment opportunities in the field include working for consultancies, local authorities, utilities providers (such as water, electricity and gas), and organisations within the voluntary sector. Public and private organisations are also looking for competent personnel capable of operating environmental management systems that comply with national and international legislation.

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United States
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The Environmental Monitoring and Modelling short course from IHE Delft Institute for Water Education acquaints participants with the principles, techniques and management issues used in environmental monitoring and assessment. Course subjects cover classroom lectures, workshops, laboratory sessions and excursions.