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Journalism and media includes all practices, tools, techniques and channels of mass communication. It deals with the distribution of news, information and entertainment to an audience, through various means, from print and broadcasts, to digital new media. Journalists are experts in communication who investigate facts, gather and filter information, and deliver it to the public. They can become specialised journalists in areas such as business, economy, industry, fashion and wellness, and many more.

Departments and schools of communication and information, as well as accredited media studies centres, offer a wide range of degrees, certificates and concentrations related to the field of journalism and media. Specialisations of Bachelors and Masters in Journalism include broadcast journalism, digital journalism, enterprise journalism, political journalism, journalism design and graphics, science and environmental journalism, public relations and advertising, sports journalism, to name a few.

Programmes deliver essential skills for working in media organisations, such as excellent written and spoken communication skills, critical thinking, an ethical and responsible attitude, and technical skills.

Career prospects include numerous positions in the traditional areas of journalism, as well as in free-lance writing, book editing and publishing, advertising, public relations, corporate communication, media research and more. Professionals work as reporters, international correspondents, press agency journalists, scientific journalists, social media managers, technical writers, copywriters, editors, and photojournalists, presenters, spokes-persons and cameramen.

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Suggested Short Courses in Journalism & Media

Short Course Options in French

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in French, in such fields as Beginning French; French for Reading Knowledge and Intermediate French.

United States
Diploma Journalism - USA

International Career Institute (ICI)s Journalism - USA course is established with seasoned journalists to give you the best in journalism techniques and education. Journalism is a very challenging field so you need to get armed with skills that are desired by employers and appreciated by the public.

United States
Short Course Options in Greek

Harvard Summer School offers several open-enrollment courses, specialized in Accounting, in such as "Beginning Greek" and ''The Iliad''.

United States
Short Course Service Marketing and Social Media

The Service Marketing and Social Media course from Aarhus University has been designed to equip students to become more effective managers of services by familiarizing them with the characteristics of services, their implications on design and delivery. It also aims to highlight the role social media in marketing of services in todays digital world. The class is designed to introduce students to think and understand how we do marketing online and what can be done with the Social media tools on internet.


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