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When you’re an engineer, you are part math wizard, part artist, and part scientist: you’re practically a unicorn. Engineering & Technology broadly deals with the maintenance and design of new devices, tools, and information systems, that society uses on a daily basis.

When you pursue a Master’s or a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering & Technology, you’re brought into the cutting-edge of innovative development, enabling you to shape the future of technology, industrial design, and applied sciences. Engineers require plenty of ingenuity and critical thinking skills, that allow them to contribute to the next industrial revolution.

Engineering & Technology contains a variety of sub-fields, including:

• Aerospace Engineering
• Civil Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Computer Programming

Students who graduate with degrees in Engineering & Technology enter into the following careers:

• Industrial design
• Aerospace Engineering (“rocket science”)
• Civil Engineering
• Biomedical Engineers

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Suggested Short Courses in Engineering & Technology

Certificate Spacecraft Technology

Exploration of space is never out of the news for long and the desire to construct lower-cost, reliable and more capable spacecraft has never been greater. At TU Delft years of technology development and research experience in space engineering allow us to offer this course, which examines spacecraft technologies for satellites and launch vehicles.

Certificate Vehicle Safety

Existing vehicle technology had provided the necessary technology for the safety of the passengers. However, in many occasions, 80% of the drivers do not understand the function and advantageous of these vehicle safety technologies. This Vehicle Safety program is offered by the Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS.  

Certificate Applied Training of Fruit and Ready Canned Food Processing

The Applied Training of Fruit and Ready Canned Food Processing course is offered at Istanbul Aydin Summer School of Istanbul Aydin University. The participants will be able to investigate the technology behind canning the ready to eat foods, in addition to learning formulation, preparation and quality controls on produces in accordance with Turkey’s food regulatory systems and legislation.

Short Course International Year One

The NCUK International Year One is a credit-bearing qualification that enables students to enter the second year of a UK undergraduate degree at an NCUK university. We offer business, accounting & finance, economics, events management and engineering options that lead to hundreds of second year degrees at a range of leading universities..

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