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A famous quote says the purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one. And to teach pupils to be disciplined and make them write “I will not talk in class” 100 times, neatly, on lined paper. Mainly, education is a process of learning and acquiring information and mostly, about instilling children’s and adults’ thirst for knowledge.

Education is a broad field of study that covers teaching, training and tutoring techniques dedicated to future professionals that plan to help pupils or students develop intellectual and practical skills. A Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Education focuses on informal learning planning and managing classroom assessment and teaching. Become an expert on how to teach science and literature according to the age of pupils.

Education includes a variety of sub-disciplines, including:

• Special education
• Educational research
• Adult education
• Coaching
• Pedagogy
• Teaching

Students who graduate with degrees in Education enter into the following careers:

• Teachers
• Trainers
• Tutors
• School administrators
• School counsellors
• Education specialists

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Suggested Short Courses in Education

Certificate CertCe Criminology and Criminal Justice

Take up the Certificate of Continuing Education in Criminology and Criminal Justice programme online at University of Essex Online to develop a basic yet thorough understanding of criminal justice, criminological issues, theories and much more.

United Kingdom
Short Course Working with Young People: an Introduction

This Working with Young People: an Introduction module from The Open University UK introduces you to work with young people – particularly those aged 13–19 – in areas of practice where their participation is voluntary, and the aims of the work are broadly educational. 

United Kingdom
Certificate Nanny

Would you like to know how to become a nanny? Take the Professional Nanny course from International Career Institute (ICI) as stepping stone rewarding work in the home based childcare industry.