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Timberlake Consultants is a pioneer for the supply of econometric software, training and consultancy services. Its core business is to provide a total solution to clients working in the statistics, econometrics, forecasting, operational research and mathematical fields.

Master's Programmes



Timberlake has over 30 years of experience as a supplier of statistical, econometric and forecasting software packages; the delivery of quality training courses; and a consultancy service provider. They provide solutions to their clients across the fields of statistics, econometrics, forecasting, research, epidemiology, finance, political and social sciences as well as data visualisation.


Timberlake provides training courses, software user group meetings and free seminars to help professionals, academics and students to grow and develop their existing skills and keep-up with the latest theoretical and software developments in the statistics and econometrics fields. Their public training courses are generally intensive, one to five day sessions, which include examples and exercises built around the most popular software packages in their portfolio. 


Student services

Timberlake supports students by offering subsidised places on selected courses to assist the learning and development of Masters and PHD students who seek to strengthen their current research and future careers with the knowledge of statistical and econometric analysis. Visit their website to learn more about applying for a 50% discount from selected courses. 

ICT services

Timberlake will supply temporary software licences to attendees prior to the start of the course. Alternatively, Timberlake can also provide laptops to delegates for the duration of the course. Please advise the training team if you require a laptop.

Richmond, England, United Kingdom