ICHEC Brussels Management School

Brussels, Belgium
Behind the name ICHEC you will find a management school but also a group of people where each person takes to heart to develop and implement strategies to ensure the reputation of the school and the high level of quality that has always been associated to it.



An international school of management

  • 62 years of experience
  • 2 campuses at 5 minutes' walk from EU Institutions
  • 100 exchange agreements in Europe and worldwide
  • Emphasis on language learning
  • Each year, more than 2,000 students of 60 nationalities on 10 training programmes


2 Bachelor's degrees (3 years - 180 credits):

- Bachelor's degree in Business Management

- Bachelor's degree in Business Engineering

2 60-credits Master's degress (1 year)

- Master's degree in Management Sciences (FR)

- Master's degree in Management Sciences - English Track

6 120-credits Master's Degrees (2 years)

- Master's degree in Business Engineering

- Master's degree in Business Management | 3 choices: - ICHEC program - Double degree in Advanced finance ICHEC - UCL (LSM) - Triple degree ICHEC - UCL - ULB

- Master's degree in Business Management - International Track

- Master - Business Analyst work-linked ICHEC - ECAM


ICHEC has always been actively involved with the management world listening to its problems and needs. As such, research at ICHEC consists essentially in applied research. It is directed at a better understanding of the socio-economic reality, developing theories which have inspired and been authenticated by real experience.Fields of research at ICHEC cover management of organisations and education, notably:

  • intercultural management, regional macro-economy, e-business, finance, management of the SME
  • life-long learning and e-learning

Short Courses

Business & Management (1)
Social Sciences (1)


Student services

International Office

The mission of the International Office is to develop, coordinate and manage the Business School's international contacts as well as its contacts with the French-speaking Erasmus Agency concerning the financing of its exchange operations.

Studies information office (bureau info.études)

All along the year the Studies Information Office is open to students for individual face-to-face interviews, the aim of which is to advise them on their choice of studies.

Student social service

The student social service is open to all and carefully listens to all questions other than educational. Students will find help and support with family problems but also with social, medical, financial and study difficulties. Students can also access a vast amount of useful information on legal matters, health, leisure, student jobs, grants, private tuitions, ...

Student Life

Campus life

ICHEC welcomes you on two campuses

  • Montgomery campus for lectures and classes given in the first year of the Bachelor's degree and for all evening classes
  • Anjou campus for lectures and classes given in the other years and where you can enjoy a pleasant cafeteria

Student clubs


Part of the ESN (Erasmus Student Network) network, its mission is to welcome and integrate foreign students who are following an exchange program.

Student Council (CDE)It represents ICHEC's students before the academic authorities and teachers. UStart ICHECUStart ICHEC is the entrepreneurship student club of ICHEC, part of UStart Belgium, the biggest Belgian network for student entrepreneurs. ICHEC's student circle (CICHEC) The CICHEC offers students a whole series of activities with a wide range of events.OIKOS OIKOS main aim is to make future businessmen aware of the concepts of sustainable development.

Other Degrees