5 Compelling Reasons to Say “Yes!” to U.S. Summer School Studies in 2017 Start studying abroad

summer class.jpgChances are you’ve already started making summer plans for your vacation, but there’s something you may have overlooked: going to summer school in the U.S. It might not sound like an appealing way to unwind from school work during the summer, but there are a few reasons for you to add a little more purpose to your travels by enrolling in a summer school:

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1. Mixing studying abroad with leisure this summer

By combining your vacation with a summer school course, you can effectively have the best of both fun and education. Whether you are planning on taking a trip to the U.S. as a tourist or you’re already there and want to explore some more, you can easily include the short-term curriculum in your booking plan. This way, you can see the Grand Canyon or and get to study some marketing, accounting, computer science, languages or just about anything else in the meantime. Here are some of the picturesque U.S. destinations that also provide great options for summer school courses:

2. Get a competitive edge with a summer school diploma

These short courses can make sure you return from your American vacation with your batteries fully charged, a robust mind and a rounder CV. If you want to get a head-start in your higher education, you can start with a summer school course in a field in which you plan on majoring or that you think might need a special attention due to its difficulty or the curiosity it provokes. Also, you might want to bring an interdisciplinary tone to your CV, by enrolling in a summer school course in a different field than your on-going programme specialisation. This way, you can combine your degree with a summer school diploma in:

For a short-term effort, you can manage to significantly boost your employability and practical skills.

3. Make your semester easier

Most summer school courses are organised by higher education institutions like universities, colleges and research centres, which also have similar corresponding Bachelor’s or degree programmes to the summer courses. This means that you can get a compressed version of these degree courses through a summer school equivalent and obtain matching which you can use to free your future semester of some of the workload. You should, nonetheless, contact your school representative to help you choose the summer school course accepted by the institution as a credit swap. Needless to say, if you are already behind on your credits before graduating, you can enrol in a summer school course in the States and stay on schedule.

4. Get the Ivy League experience while on vacation

You can choose from one of the many summer school courses organised by the top universities in the U.S. and get the Ivy League experience without the added cost and long-term relocation. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of top-level education in a few weeks through a summer course organised by or and feel the institutional experience that they bring. You will also have the opportunity to learn from the curriculum and staff of some of the best universities in the world. Who knows, maybe you’ll decide to return there as a student later on.

summer school.jpg5. Keep your mind busy

Whether you are currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree, doing a Master’s, still going through high-school or have already graduated, you know the importance of keeping your edge throughout the holidays and breaks from school or work. This is especially the case for students who need to re-adjust to the curriculum and work hours even after a few weeks of time-out. However, summers are the longest periods of educational gap for most people. This can easily be addressed through the multitude of summer school options available throughout the United States.

Check out 2,212 Summer School courses in the U.S.

Thus, whether you temporarily relocate to escape the hot weather, visiting relatives or going on vacation, enrolling in a summer school course is the perfect way to replace the apathy of summer with a useful and informative short-term study programme.

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