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Studying Humanities means exploring the archive of everything humans thought, achieved, wrote, and believed throughout history. By studying Humanities, you get a complete picture of what makes human beings fully interesting, complicated, weird, and unique.

Students enter into a variety of fields that explore the art, discoveries, rituals, traditions, and cultures that humans have invented over time. Basically, this field give us the record of human experience.

There are several fields built into the Humanities. Students can find wide-ranging subjects such as:

• Literature
• Philosophy
• Religious Studies
• Art History
• Linguistics
• Cultural Studies

Students who study Humanities tend to enter into the following careers:

• Education
• Journalism
• Law
• Academia
• Public Relations
• The glamourous world of internet copywriting

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Suggested Short Courses in Humanities

Short Course Sciences Po Lille's Summer School

Sciences Po Lille Summer School consists of intensive short-term program with different courses such as Law, Economics and Politics. Sciences Po Lille offers this Sciences Po Lille's Summer School which proposes an innovative programme around 2 tracks: International - EU Affairs and French Language & Society.

Short Course Leadership, Management Strategy and Business Ethics

The Leadership, Management Strategy and Business Ethics course from Aarhus University is for students in the master’s program. The main goal of this course is to present, discuss and practice different strategical methods and explore their theoretical background in business ethics. Since every level of management is shaped by its leaders, the focus of this course is on leadership.