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Newport, England, United Kingdom
The National Council for the Training of Journalists is the industry's charity that delivers the premier training scheme for journalists in the UK. We provide a world-class education and training system that develops current and future journalists for the demands of a fast-changing multimedia industry.


The NCTJ brand is the long-established and respected benchmark of excellence for journalists. Alumni dominate all sectors of the media and 73 per cent of qualified journalists are NCTJ-trained.

The NCTJ was founded in 1951 to run the newspaper industry’s training scheme, following the findings of a Royal Commission on the Press.

Now a charity for all media, the NCTJ continues to work to be the guardian of the ‘Gold Standard’ for all journalists. The organisation has a professional awarding body recognised by Ofqual, an accreditation board, Student Council, focus groups and forums, and the annual Journalism Skills Conference.

The industry standard for accredited journalism courses sets a benchmark based on exam results and also stresses the need for courses to focus on skills convergence and multimedia journalism.

The NCTJ has an influential board of trustees and directors and a professional executive and administrative team. The Council has its own premises in Newport, Saffron Walden, opened by Mark Austin in July 2006.

Major changes to NCTJ qualifications have been made in recent years. The Diploma in Journalism introduced in 2007 and the National Qualification in Journalism introduced in 2013 are being joined by apprenticeship and foundation certificate qualifications.

Qualifications cover news, magazine, sub-editing, sports, business and finance, on-line, video, radio and television journalism.

The NCTJ offers careers advice, a range of distance learning courses, textbooks, awards, and a programme of short courses for those wishing to develop or update their skills.

The Journalism Diversity Fund was launched to wide acclaim in 2006 and is administered by the NCTJ. Since then more than 150 students have been awarded bursaries to fund their journalism training.

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The NCTJ is the accreditation body for the UK journalism industry.

Newport, England, United Kingdom

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