Singularity University

California, Pennsylvania, United States
Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.


is a benefit corporation that provides educational programs, innovative partnerships and a startup accelerator to help individuals, businesses, institutions, investors, NGOs and governments understand cutting-edge technologies, and how to utilize these technologies to positively impact billions of people.

Our mission is to educate, inspire and empower leaders to apply exponential technologies to address humanity’s grand challenges.

" is a novel response to the need for continuous, lifelong learning among professionals in today's working world."

—John Hagel and John Seely Brown

Deloitte Center for the Edge


enables the creation of sustainable solutions to difficult challenges—education, energy, environment, food, global health, poverty, security, space and water—that face humanity. Our unique approach inspires entrepreneurial leaders to leverage exponential technologies to develop innovative solutions to these challenges at a large scale.

We measure our impact through the billions of people throughout the world that directly or indirectly benefit from our educational programs, innovation-enhancing activities, and community-building initiatives. At every stage of our work, we ask: are Singularity University’s strategic initiatives, approaches and programs achieving the maximum impact they can towards solving humanity’s grand challenges? We seek to connect a humanitarian community of forward-thinking people in a global movement towards an abundant future.


SU Impact Partners are like-minded organizations that share our vision, and have a strong understanding of the problems facing humanity and the realities of implementing solutions in various contexts around the world.

We are educators…

who draw on our Silicon Valley location to offer cutting edge programs:

The Graduate Studies Program (GSP) – convenes future leaders, entrepreneurs, and technologists for 10 weeks to work on team-based technology solutions to widespread global challenges.

The Executive Program (EP) – dives into the tools that corporate specialists and entrepreneurs need to ride the wave of accelerating change.

Exponential Conferences – explore how exponentially accelerating technologies are impacting individual verticals, such as medicine, finance and manufacturing.

We also offer custom programs tailored to your needs.

Short Courses

Computer Science & IT (1)
Engineering & Technology (1)
Medicine & Health (1)

Student Life

Singularity University offers an intense, immersive experience that combines academic activities, peer-to-peer learning and work, and a health and wellness program.

Academic activities include lectures and discussions, labs and workshops, site visits to companies and organizations, special guest lectures, and more.

Peer-to-peer learning and work includes study groups, the 10^9+ Team Projects, student-led lectures.

The Health and Wellness program includes specialized catering, athletic and exercise programs, health tracking, and other activities.


The SU program complements formal, for-credit curriculum but is not a degree-granting institution. Potential or incoming participants who wish to negotiate academic credits at their home university or would like to get tuition reimbursement for programs credited towards their degree should contact their individual universities for specific credit requirements. SU will assist participants in providing the necessary requirements for obtaining credits when applicable. Upon successful completion of the Graduate Studies Program, participants receive a transcript of their results and a Certificate of Completion.

California, Pennsylvania, United States